• Process

  • Smoked Bones

    Bones are received fresh from the slaughterhouse, cut to size, then refrigerated in brine for a minimum of 4 days. They are then transferred to our purpose-built wood smokers where they dry out for 24 hours at 180 deg F. Bones are then transferred to a low humidity storage room until they are boxed and shipped. Due to the fact no other preservatives are added, they are sold unwrapped and given the opportunity to further loose moisture naturally. Smoked bones are shelf stable.
  • Raw Frozen Bones

    Our raw frozen offerings are received, cut, vacuum sealed and frozen. That's it!
  • Green Tripe

    Green Tripe is removed from the animal, washed, packed and frozen. We slice bite-sized pieces and vacuum seal.
  • Beef Spleen Jerky

    The spleen is frozen, cut and transferred to a commercial food dehydrator for 20 hours. Dried product is cut to size and vacuum sealed.